Genius Sperm Bank Information

Genius sperm banks select sperm donors based mainly on achievements and genetic quality rather than based solely on sperm donor appearance, race, and sperm quality. They cater to clients who want to improve the intelligence of their child by selecting a sperm donor of superior intelligence and outstanding achievements. The following is a list of achiever and genius sperm banks and other sperm sources of which the author is aware.

List of Genius Sperm Banks and other Sperm Sources

The following is a list of genius sperm banks and other sperm sources.

The author knows of no sperm banks which select sperm donors based primarily on artistic ability, athletic ability, political success, or business success.

Genius and High-achiever Sperm Bank Information

Over the past decade, sperm banks have appeared around the world catering to women clients who care mostly about the physical appearance of the sperm donor. Typically, these sperm banks select sperm donors mainly to reduce sperm processing costs and improve pregnancy rates by a few percentage points, and also to include donors with popular appearances. Most of these sperm banks can provide a catalog of sperm donors to prospective clients. Typically, their catalogs list available sperm donors, usually with only a single-line description of the sperm donor, which typically describes his race, height, weight, and general appearance. You are lucky if the sperm bank catalog lists his educational background or profession.

A woman who wants to select a high-achiever sperm donor from a sperm bank is out of luck.

Fortunately for these women, a few sperm banks select sperm donors mainly based on achievements and intelligence. Their sperm donor catalogs contain extensive information about sperm donors' scientific discoveries and inventions, published papers and patents, school records, music and artistic abilities, athletic abilities, as well as the usual race and appearance information.

This web page lists each high-achiever sperm bank or other source of high-achiever donor sperm of which the author is aware.


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